Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Go to —> register through school or as an individual candidate.

Yes, you can register as an individual candidate. It is the same procedure.

Please email/call us and we will help you with it.

No, 40 book titles are a variety of options from which the children get to choose some. The number of books they study is up to them entirely! We encourage them to read at their own speed.

No! There is no order in which the participant chooses the book from. It’s simply based on their favourite titles/authors/genre.

Type the link provided to you in the url of the browser. Use your unique student login username and password to login.

Browser —> URL—> student login —> username password—> ACCELERATED READER —> enter book quiz number —> take quiz.

Visit AR book quiz video for more information.

No! A book can be read many times but a quiz can only be taken once.

Finish quiz —> generate TOPS report —> Check points / Print or save

Yes! Every single student registered will receive an international certificate.

No the parents of the candidates can sign up individually.

Every student who registers will receive access to the reading license for a period of 6 months irrespective of their progress in the competition.

Yes, you can. We encourage all children to continue reading and accessing the book quizzes to improve on their Reading Age levels.

We will notify you all developments via email.

At the end of this competition, a report is given. The parent gets to know the accurate Reading Age of their child and the appropriate set of books they can read to improve their Reading Age.

The school will receive and distribute the certificate. For an individual regisration, the certificate will be couriered.

Helpline number : +91 7373099203